The Best Limo service

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Some like to drive while some like to be driven. It is the latter kind of people for whom limousines and limousines services are provided in top cities of top countries. It is well observed fact that when people are given the choice to buy either a car that they have to drive or a car that only their chauffer will drive, people opt for the latter more than the former. Generally, it is the billionaires, top government executives, high profile sports & entertainment celebrities. They have several calls to make, have appoints to shuffle, documents to review and often catch a quick nap. Due these requirements, they rely upon top-class limo service rather than self-drive cars.

Regular passengers of any modern average sedan agree that the room for legs between the front and the back seat is little. Such confined space is obviously not sufficient to spread ones legs and relax between businesses. There are a few premium luxury sedans that offered comfort as desired by their owners, however, they are not owned by many. Besides, there are other amenities such as climate control, audio control and reading lights for the rear passengers to be considered. However, features that are additional provisions in some vehicles seem even below basics in the best limo cars.

The upcoming Rolls Royce Phantom, which has extended wheelbase and was introduced at Geneva Motor Show this month is a perfect car for genuinely best limo service. The price of the car is expected to be well above $300,000. The passengers of the new Phantom will be able to play videogames, watch DVDs, store cigars, access mini-refrigerator and enjoy cocktails. Buyers can personalise the car with wooden and leather trimming and install a partition between the driver’s seat and the rear for privacy. There are very few passenger car companies that primarily focus on the rear of compartment of their cars’ interior but those that do produce ultimate luxury rides for some of the elites of enjoy.

Luxury limousines are more than just cars. They may have armour plating, bullet-resistant glasses, run-flat tires and even hot tubs or Jacuzzis at the rear segment. Notably, ultra luxurious features are incorporated to cars like Rolls Royce Phantom right at the production line. They are not the result some after-purchase customisation. They are designed, developed and finished to be the best limo cars in the World. This makes a major difference in the call for which is the best car; as if only on-the-road models are examined some will outperform others. However, the one that beats the rest may have gone through series of personalisation and upgrades to become what it is. Though it does not mean they are not luxurious, it means they cannot be called the best at the core.

Limo service is defined as large, luxurious car driven by chauffeur to ferry the dignitaries to and from locations but cars Phantom have taken the experience to a totally different level.