Tampa Limo: Lincoln Town CarDid you know that one of the most popular limousine car options is the Lincoln Town Car? It’s true! This car has been used for years in the limo service industry to carry people to and fro, mostly because they are so luxurious yet nondescript. They stand out for being stylish, classy, and understated.

If you want to learn more about this car, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a seven-part series about this full-size luxury sedan, its history, and the various models that have hit the road since 1981.

A Brief History

Let’s cover the basics first. The Lincoln Town Car was sold by the Ford Motor Company from 1981 to 2011 and has been used as a limo car, since its inception. While the Town Car name was first put on the market in 1959, it didn’t become preceded by the Lincoln moniker until 1981 when the first Lincoln Town Car was produced and released for the public. Lincoln (under Ford) used to produce the Continental Town Car.

For you gearheads out there, let’s talk a bit about the specifics the Town Car possesses. It’s based on the Fort Panther platform and it’s super durable, so it lives up to frequent trips in the city and on the highway. It has a standard V-8 engine. It also has rear wheel drive and a body on frame design. This car is big, both inside and out, making it the perfect limo service car. When used for commercial services, Lincoln Town Cars can rack up up to 400,000 miles, typically, before being decommissioned.

One thing you notice right away when you stand next to the Town Car is how big it is. It was actually the largest car made in America for over a decade. Though discontinued in 2011, the Lincoln Town Car is still used in commercial driving often. They also developed the MKT Town Car, which is believed to be the direct limousine car successor to the Lincoln Town Car.

If you work in or are interested in the commercial driving services industry, you ought to know more about the Lincoln Town Car and all of its variations. Be sure to check back again soon to read more about this limo service vehicle, including the many different models that have been available over the years and how they have been used.

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Image credit: Wikipedia